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III South America

Demands for increased food and energy production, and the presence of populations at risk of flooding require increased knowledge of the Basin’s hydrometeorological regime and the adoption of the latest technologies to meet these challenges. The Hydrometeorological Forecasting and Early Warnings System in the La Plata Basin (PROHMSAT) project seeks to enhance the capacities of the region's NMHSs for the provision of flood forecasting, decreasing the vulnerability of the surrounding communities against the impact of floods.

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  • Free and easy access to hydrometeorological data shared through WHOS by countries in the La Plata River Basin
  • A Data Exchange Policy to improve data and product sharing among countries in the Basin is being developed for high level political adoption
  • Improved knowledge and skill levels of relevant staff in participating institutions in the area of data sharing technologies and approaches
  • More use of exchanged data by hydrologists through freely available hydrological applications to access, download and analyze the data shared through WHOS
  • Improved hydrological metadata in participating institutions in support of building trust in shared data and products, and their more accurate use
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  • Establish hydrometeorological and Early Warning System (EWS) in La Plata Basin, integrating existing developments and strengthening standard FFGS components
  • Establish permanant technical working group on operational hydrology for sub-basins of the La Plata Basin
  • Strengthen RA-III in flood forecasting and early warning systems
  • Train NMHS technicians in hydrometeorological and EWS tools
  • Develop a public information interface
  • Develop EWS tools

Expected Outcomes

  • Strengthened NMHSs capacities for the provision of flood forecasting
  • Improved quality and quantity of available information for institutions related to floor risk management and for the public in general
  • Strengthened capacity of the entire RA-III in flood forecasting and early warning systems